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An introduction to PioTrans

Led by highly experienced public transport practitioners, Piotrans is a modern, technology inspired bus company that offers high-quality service to its passengers, customers and stakeholders. We contribute positively to the daily lives of our partners who are our passengers from learners, teachers, graduates, workers and business people. Piotrans is a people-centred company that promotes caring, empowerment and sharing.

Established by people for the people, the company operates within the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in partnership with the City of Joburg.

Onboard Wi-fi

As an added value, all Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit stations have Wi-Fi access. Our buses also have LED screens that display pertinent information such as schedule adjustments and possible route deviations.


Our well-trained professional bus operators are required to start service within 15 or 20 minutes before signing in for duty. This offers confidence that your bus is always on time and you reach your destination on schedule.

Local is lekker

Quality, durability and job creation are critical aspects that come with our PioTrans buses, which have about 80% local content, giving a positive spinoff for local suppliers.


All Bus stations offer universal access, with level boarding, making it easy for people with wheelchairs, prams or baggage to get in and out of the buses.

Safe, clean, reliable

Piotrans offers a safe, clean, reliable and convenient Bus service.

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