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Mr. Do it and Do it Right Dumisani Mntambo is a public transport pioneer

Dumisani Mntambo is el supreme of transport in Gauteng, a mover with a touch of Gold, everything he touches in the transport industry becomes a roaring success. The former Public Relations Officer of Top Six Provincial Structures and Chairman of Malls Taxi Associations (MATA) is trailblazer of note the transport sector like no other.  Been There … Done That!! He has achieved many a first!

He is a tough cookie of a negotiator who participated in the marathon and extensive negotiations with the City of Joburg on the commercial, business, planning and implementation of the Rea Vaya project he was part of the delegation that was representing nine taxi associations. . His negotiations skills paved way for him to be one of the leading negotiators for phase 1A with Fanalca Colombia a company that specializes in Bus Rapid Transit based in Cali, in Colombia and has been running since 1958. It specializes in systems such as Transmilenio in Bogota, also in Colombia; Transantiago in Chile; and Metrobus in Panama.

Mntambo is a firm believer in the economic transformation and the transformation of transport in general.  He is also believer that commuters deserve modern, integrated, efficient, sustainable and safe transport.

From an early age Dumisani Mntambo took interest in public transport working closely with older generation of public transport gurus where he was trained and mentored to be the powerhouse he is today.

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