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Even students rave about the BRT system!

Nompumelelo Dlamini is a grade 11 learner at St. Enda’s Secondary School in Hillbrow. Like most commuters who flock to the Bus, she is more than happy about the service rendered and calls it out for its efficiency, safety, cleanliness and affordability. She says she also prefers the Bus over other modes of transport on weekends when she goes out on her social outings with friends.

“I have made so many new friends since my commuting on the Bus since 2016” Nompumelelo remarks.  She likes the Bus also for its vibrant and sociable drivers and Bus Marshalls who are always helpful. “I’m never late for school because the Bus sticks to a strict schedule” she adds. She however also mentioned that she gets inconvenienced every time she gets to the ticket office and finds them offline.  Her other concern is that there should be a Lost and Found box where people can claim their lost items.

She says she is always mindful of passenger etiquette and is respectful of the designated red seats allocated for pregnant and elderly people.

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Station Marshalls There For Smooth Busing Operations

 Just as Bus drivers have a big responsibility in ensuring that passengers arrive to their destinations safely, their role is mostly assisted by Marshalls or Operators placed at various Bus Stations. Both Mpho Mokoena and Hamilton Kanapi are highly skilled Station Marshalls based at the Thokoza Park BRT station.

Their role entails liaising between the bus and the main office; ensuring that equipment needed at the Bus Station is up-to-date and in good working condition; Reporting any irregularities and incidences to the main office.

They describe themselves as passionate and committed to serving commuters and that they adhere to all safety precaution to ensure commuters are safe. “I know we make it look easy, but my job is on the line should any of these passengers be harmed or exposed to danger at any given point” says Mpho Mokoena.  “We do routine checks on ramps, fire extinguishers, first aid kits etc. and are a direct line of control for any emergencies” adds Hamilton Kanapi.

Just a few minutes before our interview started, they were both attending to a passenger who had an asthma attack right there at the Bus station, while waiting for the next Bus to connect to his final destination which is home.

They say they are happy with the kind of training they receive as Marshalls as it equips them with 1st aid classes and how to deal with difficult commuters.

One thing they would like to see improved to see their work easier is for the City to find ways to make tagging systems impermeable as some commuters find loopholes and end up defrauding the system. Both agree that more Bus stations need to be built so traffic and congestion at some stations is lessened.

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Mr. Do it and Do it Right Dumisani Mntambo is a public transport pioneer

Dumisani Mntambo is el supreme of transport in Gauteng, a mover with a touch of Gold, everything he touches in the transport industry becomes a roaring success. The former Public Relations Officer of Top Six Provincial Structures and Chairman of Malls Taxi Associations (MATA) is trailblazer of note the transport sector like no other.  Been There … Done That!! He has achieved many a first!

He is a tough cookie of a negotiator who participated in the marathon and extensive negotiations with the City of Joburg on the commercial, business, planning and implementation of the Rea Vaya project he was part of the delegation that was representing nine taxi associations. . His negotiations skills paved way for him to be one of the leading negotiators for phase 1A with Fanalca Colombia a company that specializes in Bus Rapid Transit based in Cali, in Colombia and has been running since 1958. It specializes in systems such as Transmilenio in Bogota, also in Colombia; Transantiago in Chile; and Metrobus in Panama.

Mntambo is a firm believer in the economic transformation and the transformation of transport in general.  He is also believer that commuters deserve modern, integrated, efficient, sustainable and safe transport.

From an early age Dumisani Mntambo took interest in public transport working closely with older generation of public transport gurus where he was trained and mentored to be the powerhouse he is today.

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An inclusive transport for all is what PIO.TRANS is about!

So popular is Bus Rapid Transit that even people considered middle class like bank administrator Kgomotso Mndawe of up market   Soweto suburb Protea Glen who has been using Re ya Vaya for the past Four years and he is the happiest of commuter. He travels an hour long trip daily from his Protea Glen home to his place of employment at First National Bank City in Johannesburg central business district.

He prefers the Bus as opposed to any other mode of transport because of its safety, convenience and affordability. “I manage to stick to my monthly budget because once I have loaded money on my Bus tag for the month then I’m certain of my commute to and from work”, he says with a wide smile on his face.

“It has always been a challenge to use public transport. I always dread asking people to assist me to get into a taxi or a bus” he says but quickly also adds that he is thankful for the kind of support they as people living with disabilities receive from some drivers and station marshals. His one gripe is that he feels not all drivers are skilled and equipped enough to cater and handle special needs for people living with disabilities and would like to see this issue addressed. “Some people’s attitudes needs to change in order for everyone to feel welcomed on these buses” he adds.

One of the best services Pio.Trans Buses offer is equal access for use of people with various conditions and disabilities, flexibility, simplicity, effective communication, the need to use minimal effort when accessing buses, and suitable space and size.

Kgomotso is mostly a satisfied Bus commuter and says he recommends the BRT system to his peers mainly for its promise for a comfortable, safe and convenient way to travel from point A to B.